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  • April 4, 2016

The Story of Film is the definitive documentary about the way the film industry has evolved, has influenced society, and the most important cinematic works ever made. This visually-stunning 15-part series features clips from thousands of landmark films, beginning with the creation of cinema in 1895 through to today. Presented in full at the Toronto Film Festival and exhibited at New York’s prestigious Museum of Modern Art, The Story of Film is a must-watch for all cinephiles, film buffs and movie lovers.

Monday 4 November 7.30pm: Episode 1
Discover the origins of film, from its origins in 1896 and to its refined storytelling format in the 20th Century.

Tuesday 5 November 7.30pm: Episode 2
This episode looks at how America became the home of ground-breaking film productions from 1918 onwards.

Wednesday 6 November 7.30pm: Episode 3
The 1920s were a boom-time for cinema, when filmmakers such as Hitchcock and Eisenstein began their careers.

Thursday 7 November 7.30pm: Episode 4
The definitive documentary about the way the film industry has evolved and the most important cinematic works ever made. Glamour reigns supreme in the 1930’s, and European film creates thrilling new genres.

Friday 8 November 7.30pm: Episode 5
The realities of war inspire filmmakers to take daring new risks – leading to cinema’s Golden Age.

Friday 8 November 8.30pm:
Blue Velvet (USA, 1986)
David Lynch’s masterpiece, Blue Velvet follows a student whose discovery of a human ear in his garden leads him to the underbelly of his idyllic hometown. This noir thriller stars Isabella Rosselini, Dennis Hopper and Laura Dern.

Monday 11 November 7.30pm: Episode 6
In the 1950s the cinema world was bursting at the seams with filmmakers and stars – all eager to be the next big thing.

Tuesday 12 November 7.30pm: Episode 7
The late 50s saw the emergence of shocking new films out of Europe.

Wednesday 13 November 7.30pm: Episode 8
The ‘New Wave’ of cinema swept the world in the 60s, creating exciting new ways of making films.

Thursday 14 November 7.30pm: Episode 9
New names such as Woody Allen and Roman Polanski heralded a new American cinema in the 70s.

Friday 15 November 7.30pm: Episode 10
Around the world directors such as Bergmann, Bertolucci, Scorcese and more were changing international film.

Friday 15 November 8.30pm: In The Realm Of The Senses (Japan, 1976)

The film that outraged censorship boards and was banned for Twenty years. Based on a true story of Geisha Sada Abe, it’s the tale of passionate, but ultimately destructive, sexual obsession.

Monday 18 November 7.30pm: Episode 11
Pop culture was embodied in the blockbusters of the 90s, as post-modernism emerged in films such as The Matrix.

Tuesday 19 November 7.30pm: Episode 12
National cinema schools produced extraordinary filmmaking talent and a new generation of directors.

Wednesday 20 November 7.30pm: Episode 13
In the 90s new talents like Tarantino burst onto the scene, while international film took centre stage.

Thursday 21 November 7.30pm: Episode 14
The cinema landscape was turned on its head with the introduction of cheap digital filmmaking in the 90s.

Friday 22 November 7.30pm: Episode 15
In a post-9/11 world cinema underwent massive industrial changes propelling films into a bold new direction.

Friday 22 November 8.30pm: Funny Games (Austria, 1997)

Director Michael Haneke attempts to challenge perceptions of movie violence in this Palme D’or nominated thriller. A family is subjected to a gruelling assault of sadism and torture when their home is invaded.

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