The Age Of Reason (France, 2010)

  • The Age Of Reason (France, 2010)
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

Margaret (Sophie Marceau) seems to have it all – an adoring English lover, a steady job selling power plants to China and a nice home.

Then on her fortieth birthday she begins to receive bundles of colourful letters filled with collages, photographs and wildly creative puzzles – all sent from herself when she was seven years old.In one letter she writes, “Dear me. Today I am seven years old and I’m writing you this letter to help you remember the promises I made when I was 7, and also to remind you of what I want to become…” Suddenly Margaret wonders whether she made the right choices, as long-lost memories come flooding back and she vows to turn her life around.

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