Swedish filmmaker Anders Weberg sets out to make 720 hour long film.

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  • Swedish filmmaker Anders Weberg sets out to make 720 hour long film.
  • World Movies admin
  • August 1, 2014

A 72 minutes teaser has been released for an upcoming film. That’s right, you didn’t hear us wrong, it’s the teaser we’re talking about, not the movie.

Experimental Swedish filmmaker Anders Weberg has set out to make his last ever film, and we’re doubtful that one large popcorn and a choc top is going to tide you through this one. At 720 hours in length – that’s 30 whole days – AMBIANC√à is set to become the longest film in cinematic history.

Currently, the longest ever film to have been screened is MODERN TIMES FOREVER (‚ÄòTORA ENSO BUILDING, HELSINKI) which is 240 hours long, or 10 days. Weburg’s film AMBIANC√â will overtake this record by 20 days.

A 7 hour 20 minute long “trailer” will be revealed in 2016, followed by a longer 72 hour long “trailer” in 2018. Weberg has confirmed that the film will be shown in its full length on a single occasion on December 31, 2020 before then being destroyed.

According to Weberg, AMBIANC√â aims to portray a surreal dreamlike journey, blurring space and time in an abstract nonlinear memoir of the artist’s time spent with the moving image. The screening will conclude the Swedish director’s twenty year relationship with film, a career which has produced over 300 movies.

If you happen to have a spare 72 minutes up the sleeve you can check out the film’s trailer above. Get comfy!

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