Summer Doubles

  • Summer Doubles
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

Spend your late summer nights with World Movies, as we present scorching double features throughout January. From sexy German rom-coms, to French crime thrillers and Thai action blockbusters, stay up late with the most popular international films and their sequels starting 8:30pm every Friday night.

Manual Of Love 1 and 2 (Italy)
Friday 6 January 8.30pm

An enchanting Italian comedy starring Margherita Buy that follows the lives of four couples looking for, discovering or holding onto love. Then, following the success of the original, Monica Bellucci leads a host of Italian actors in this heart-warming, comical anthology of four interconnected tales of love.

Ong Bak 1 and 2 (Thailand)
Friday 13 January 8.30pm

Martial arts star Tony Jaa is an unstoppable force in this Thai action flick. When the head of a sacred statue is stolen, humble country boy Ting (Jaa) is sent into the big, bad city to retrieve it. Then at10.15pm the prequel to Tony Jaa’s martial arts hit casts the fast-moving star as a son bent on avenging his royal father’s murder.

Rabbit Without Ears 1 and 2 (Germany)
Friday 20 January 8.30pm

Featuring ‘Inglourious Basterds’ star Til Schweiger, a nerd’s plan to seek revenge on her high school bully backfires when she begins to fall for his irresistible charms. Then in the 2007 sequeal, he reprises his role as ladies man Ludo for this odd-couple romp.

Crimson Rivers 1 and 2 (France)
Friday 27 January 8.30pm

Nominated for five Cesar Awards, Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel are policemen working on seemingly separate cases, who are unexpectedly drawn together. Sent to the Lorraine region of France, Niemans discovers a dead body hidden in the walls of a creepy monastery. Meanwhile Police Captain Reda’s car accident leads to another encounter with a killer monk, and soon the two detectives join forces with religious expert Marie to solve the supernatural mystery. The film also stars Christopher Lee.

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