Silent But Deadly

  • Silent But Deadly
  • World Movies admin
  • March 14, 2012

Movies about murders taking place in isolated forest cabins can be terrifying at the best of times. But The Silent House takes it to the next level, with the entire 78-minute film being shot in one single, unrelenting take. The Russian Ark of the horror genre, the audience isn’t given even a second’s reprieve as the camera tracks one horrifying night in a run-down cabin.

The 2010 Uruguayan film follows a young woman, Laura, who arrives in the woods to assist her father in cleaning out an old house for sale. Settling down for the night, they both begin to hear a peculiar thumping coming from upstairs. When her father doesn’t return after venturing upstairs, Laura goes to investigate and uncovers the house’s horrifying secrets.

The Silent House was the Uruguyan entry for the 84th Academy Awards, and received rave reviews around the world upon its release. The Guardian called it “a smart, scary film and a technical tour de force with its own skin-crawling atmosphere of fear”, while Empire UK praised it as a “short, sharp shock of innovative Latin horror.”

Like all good foreign films (this one was made for only $6,000), it has recently been remade in the US with it-girl Elizabeth Olsen in the lead role. But you can catch the original on World Movies as part of our WM: Horror month.

The Silent House premieres this Friday 16 March at 9.30pm. Tune in the next two Fridays in March for I Saw The Devil and Australian TV Premiere 5150 Elm’s Way.

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