Out of Africa

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  • Out of Africa
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  • March 6, 2012

While there are many films about life in Africa, or set in the beautiful yet unforgiving African landscape, it is not often we get to enjoy the diverse and wonderful cinema that comes from the continent’s filmmakers themselves.

All that is about to change – a celebration of African film is coming to Sydney and Melbourne for the first time next month with the 1st Annual African Film Festival. For one weekend at the Dendy Opera Quays in Sydney, and the next weekend at Red Bennies in Melbourne, there will be parties, performances and film screenings to get your heart racing.

Enjoy the Opening Night party in Sydney on 5 April with free drinks, food and live entertainment – along with the Sundance selected film Restless City. The festival also includes Democracy in Dakar about the controversial 2007 Presidential election, and an afternoon of short films from Sierra Leona and Uganda. The superb film Kinshasa Symphony follows the formation of a symphony in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo, and in Melbourne it will be followed by a Closing Night party featuring entertainment from Blair Stafford and Afrobiotics.

Tickets are only $15, and are available here. The festival runs 5 – 8 April in Sydney, and 11 – 15 April in Melbourne.

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