Our favourite sultry summer sirens

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  • Our favourite sultry summer sirens
  • World Movies admin
  • January 16, 2014

A seductive screen siren has the ability to bewitch, beguile and enchant. Sophisticated yet sensual, a true screen siren is enticing and unforgettable.

Over the past month, World Movies has been raising temperatures with the best in salacious cinema from across the globe – and with these seductive films we’ve seen many seductive women gracing the screen.

To celebrate the first month of WM Adult: Summer of Sin, we’ve pulled together a collection of some of our favourite sultry summer sirens below – get ready for things to get even hotter.


Ludivine Sagnier – Swimming Pool
Often compared to screen icons such as Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve, it was Sagnier’s provocative portrayal of an uninhibited and passionate teenager in the thriller Swimming Pool that made international audiences sit up and take notice of this French beauty. Played perfectly in contrast to Charlotte Rampling’s uptight English author, Sagnier’s sultry poolside sessions and seductive air made us want to pack up everything, move to southern France and spend the rest of our days sunbaking and eating foie gras.

Brigitte Bardot – And God Created Woman
No summer siren list could ever be complete without one of the most famous screen icons of our time, Brigitte Bardot. Her turn as the wilful and free spirited Juliette in the 1956 film And God Created Woman catapulted her to international stardom and sex icon status, and no doubt had male viewers traipsing down to St Tropez in the hope of meeting a Bardot look alike. One critic actually claimed that the sight of Bardot in a bikini was a reward for the austerities post-war Europeans had been forced to endure.

Paz Vega – Sex and Lucia
Sex and Lucia was an erotic exploration of love and loss that blurred reality and fantasy. Whilst the film divided audiences and critics, it’s worth seeing simply for Spanish actress Paz Vega’s smouldering performance as the title character Lucia. Vega’s nonchalance and sensuality is perfectly countered by her vulnerability, making her one of the most effortless yet unforgettable of our summer sirens. One particular beach scene involving Vega (and a whole lot of mud) is sure to make you look at mud fights in a new, and very sexy light.

Amber Heard – The Rum Diary
We were captivated with this stunning actress from the moment that Johnny Depp’s character sees her emerge from the water during a midnight swim. Set in 1950s Cuba, Heard’s character Chenault, manages to evoke within us a longing for long, sultry, summer nights. She’s beautiful, yet rebellious – the type of girl that sneaks away from a party to go skinny-dipping in the middle of the ocean, or who escapes her fiancé’s grip to go dancing in the middle of a nightclub with a bunch of shirtless locals. She’s an enigma, and we love her for it.

Ursula Andress – Dr. No
If ever there was an iconic beach moment in cinema history, it would have to be Honey Ryder’s stunning emergence from the sea in the James Bond film Dr. No. Dressed in that infamous white bikini, Andress’ disarming presence is the catalyst for one of our favourite Bond one-liners – after she coyly asks Bond ‚ÄúAre you looking for shells too?‚Äù He hilariously replies ‚ÄúNo, I’m just looking‚Äù.

Virginie Ledoyen – The Beach
When the majority of a film revolves around an idyllic tropic beach setting, it’s a given that there will some sort of enchanting screen siren in the equation. This was certainly the case in Danny Boyle’s 2000 adaption of the cult novel The Beach, which featured the stunning Virginie Ledoyen.Her sultry depiction of Leonardo Dicaprio’s love interest, and that moonlit beach scene ensured that she was firmly cemented as one of our favourite sultry summer sirens.


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