Our 5 most memorable sexy film scenes of all time

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  • Our 5 most memorable sexy film scenes of all time
  • World Movies admin
  • December 18, 2014

Over the past few months, WM Adult: Summer of Sin has been serving up plenty of temperature-rising film scenes, as we’ve brought you the best in sexy and salacious cinema from across the globe.

Tomorrow night (Friday 31 January), we’ll be finishing off with a bang as we premiere the tantalising French film Elles, starring Juliette Binoche. To ease the pain of WM Adult: Summer of Sin coming to a close, we’ve pulled together what we believe are some of the most memorable sexy film scenes we’ve come across in our time.

Tie me up! Tie me down! (Spain, 1990)
Only Pedro Almod√≥var could take a quirky comedy involving a kidnapping and a drug addicted mental patient and use it to create a truly smouldering scene. Antonio Banderas stars as the afore-mentioned kidnapper, who eventually manages to win the love of the woman he’s held captive for most of the film. In the love scene that follows, she shouts some extremely detailed and graphic instructions to him, which actually prompted the classification boards to introduce the R18+ rating.

A History of Violence (USA, 2005)
Let’s just say that if you’re on a crowded flight, there are a few scenes in David Cronenberg’s acclaimed 2005 film that you may want to avoid if there are children nearby. The first involves Maria Bello’s character Edie, surprising her husband Tom (played by Viggo Mortensen), by dressing up and roleplaying as a naughty cheerleader. The tender yet risqué exchange that follows acts as a reflection of the couples’ at-the-time solid relationship. This plays in sharp contrast to a controversial later scene, where the couple engage in a manic and almost violent love scene on the staircase, after Tim reveals his true mobster identity.

Bell Epoque (Spain, 1992)
This 1992 film starring Penelope Cruz won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and centres on four farmer’s daughters enamoured with a soldier visiting their farmhouse, Fernando. Chances are that the film may also linger in people’s minds for one particular passionate gender-bending sequence. The playful scene in question involves a reversal of gender roles at a carnival, when one of the daughters seduces Fernando whilst he is dressed as a maid and she is dressed as soldier. Both characters manage to perfectly embody their temporary male/female personas, ensuring the culmination of their union in a hayloft ranks as one of the more unusual scenes to make our list.

An Affair of Love (A Pornographic Affair) (France, 1992)
This 1999 French Film is the perfect example of how sometimes, the sexiest scenes can be those which leave everything to the imagination. A man and woman meet after she takes out a magazine ad looking for a stranger to fulfil her sexual fantasies. Without exchanging names, they retire to a nearby hotel room, close the hotel door and consummate their affair, unseen to the viewer. The fling continues and the audience is never given privy to what exactly is taking place behind the closed doors. The scenes in which both characters talk about their relationship, yet refuse to divulge the details of the woman’s fetish, are all the more sexy for the way they tease the mind.

Secretary (USA, 2002)
Workplace discipline has never been so sexy. We’re talking about the moment when Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character first realises that she has masochistic tendencies as she’s ‚Äòdisciplined’ by her boss for a typo. The pivotal scene begins slowly and awkwardly – as we’re sure it would in reality – before quickly ramping up to a frenzy of pain/pleasure as the spanking escalates. It’s the shifting mixture of surprise, vulnerability and gratification witnessed on Gyllenhaal’s face which ultimately provides the source of the steaminess.


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