Mid-August Lunch (Italy, 2008)

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  • Mid-August Lunch (Italy, 2008)
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

Ferragosto is a major Italian holiday in mid-August that has been celebrated for hundreds of years. Businesses close down and city dwellers flood to the countryside or beach. But not Gianni (Gianni Di Gregorio). He’s a 50-something moocher who owes money to just about everyone and is confined to Rome with his elderly mother (Valeria De Franciscis) for the holiday.

When his landlord and doctor both board their mothers with Gianni in lieu of outstanding payments, the mid-life loser finds himself playing nurse to a group of demanding elderly women. At first, Gianni frequently escapes to his local pub, but comes to realise his house guests have much to teach him.

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