Lady Grey

Monday 4 April 2016 8.30pm

  • Lady Grey
  • World Movies admin
  • May 26, 2016

Set in post-apartheid South Africa, this dark drama delves in to the violent historical legacy of the mountainside village of Lady Grey. Focusing on a few days in the lives of several of its inhabitants, a sense of unease still looms over the village where an unsolved massacre from years before continues to haunt the villagers. But the past is about to emerge and break the silence, endangering the fragile balance of reconciliation and the slightly crazy dreams of the community’s most innocent members.
In the feature film directorial debut of Alain Choquart, this gripping drama stars Peter Saarsgard (Jarhead, Green Lantern), Emily Mortimer (Shutter Island, Hugo) and Jérémie Renier (In Bruges, The Kid With A Bike).

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