Invisible (Israel, 2012)

Wednesday 3 September - Wednesday 3 September 1409308200

Australian Television Premiere

  • Invisible (Israel, 2012)
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

As television editor Nira watches footage of activists helping Palestinians harvest their olives on military-zoned land, a vaguely familiar face appears on the screen. Recognising Lily, like herself, as one of the 16 victims of ‘The Polite Rapist’ from 20 years previously, Nira searches her out.

Their meeting results in Nira becoming increasingly obsessed in digging into her past, stirring up memories, trying to bridge the gap between the person she once was and the person she has become.Initially refusing to share in the research, Lily realises that in blocking out her own pain for so long, she has distanced her own family.

The two women begin a painful yet liberating journey to release the anguish that unwillingly connected them more than 20 years previously.

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