Get The Look: Halloween Edition

  • Get The Look: Halloween Edition
  • World Movies admin
  • October 26, 2011

Not sure whether to dress sexy or spooky at this year’s Halloween party? Need an outfit for trick-or-treatin’ that’ll make the neighbourhood kids jealous? If you’re stuck for costume ideas this Halloween weekend, we’ve got you covered (in blood). To celebrate our Halloween Horror marathon next Monday 31st October, we’ve trawled the world’s scariest films for costume inspiration – no matter what the occasion.

If you’ve got the next 5 days to prepare…

With a lot of time to prepare for Halloween, you can create something really magical/horrific. There’s endless inspiration in the canon of international horror cinema, starting with the zombie. Look to [rec] (Spain) for our favourite how-to on covering yourself in blood and body parts, and really mastering that “delicious brains” look in your eye. If your budgets are low but you’ve got time to get creative, sample the cheap chills of Peter Jackson’s zombie B-movie classic Dead Alive (New Zealand).

Emulate a horror icon by finding the perfect striped sweater to become Freddie Kruger from Nightmare on Elm St (US), or rug up for a chilly Halloween by dressing as the deranged killer from Cold Prey (Norway). And if you’ve got the time to learn how to rotate your head, but are spending Halloween in bed, simply grab a dirty bed-dress and go as Regan from The Exorcist (US).

If you’ve only got 5 mins…

Grab a hockey mask and go as Jason from Friday the 13th (US), or wear your damp hair over your face and you’re instantly Sadako from Ring (Japan). If all else fails, take Wednesday Addam’s lead and go in normal clothes as a homocidal maniac. After all, “they just look like everyone else…”

For the kids…

Nothing says “family time” like a night celebrating death, where children are sent out to strangers houses to ask for candy. If you’re looking to take your kid’s costume to the next level, simply look toward the murderous children of international film.

Forget Twilight, the only juvenile vampire to be this year is the blood-drinking, people-burning Eli from Let The Right One In (Sweden). If your little man is getting into the Halloween spirit, give him an evil makeover as the bow-tie wearing anti-christ child Damien from The Omen (UK). If all else fails there’s always the unisex multi-film allusions of a 6-year old Michael Myers in a It-esque clown costume in Halloween (US).

Whatever you do and however you dress, make sure you’re home before nightfall for the World Movies Halloween Horror marathon, beginning at 6:30pm this Monday 31st October. With a brilliant line-up of films including Ring, The Grudge, The Host and The Eye, you’ll be sleeping with the lights on for weeks.

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