Embrace the 1920s with these costumes ideas for World Movies Secret Cinema

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  • Embrace the 1920s with these costumes ideas for World Movies Secret Cinema
  • World Movies admin
  • December 16, 2014

It’s just a couple of weeks until World Movies Secret Cinema will be shaking up things in Brisbane. Most details are highly classified, however we can tell you that the theme is roaring twenties and we encourage you to slick and primp as much or as little as you like.

A little lost on how to look ab-so-lute-ly dapper? Don’t fret – here’s a little bit of costume inspiration to get you ready to head back to the 1920s:

headpieces 2

The 1920s were all about headwear – from elegant headbands to cloche hats. Pop one on and you’ll instantly go from looking humbug to splendid.


Boaters were the bee’s knees in the roaring twenties. Take a look at Leo wearing one in The Great Gatsby, and it’s easy to know why.


Feather Boas
Wrap a seductive feather boa around your shoulders for that instant touch of flapper-style.


Pin-striped suits
Men’s fashion in the 1920s became less regimented and formal, as short pin-striped suits became mainstream. Planning on wearing one to World Movies Secret Cinema? Attaboy!


Beads, pearls and sequins
Nothing says you’re ready to party more than beads, pearls and sequins. Embrace the flapper style dresses and accessories, and you’ll be sure to look like the It girl.


Trilby hats
A little bit gangster and a whole lot stylish – this classic piece of headwear is the perfect accessory to add that touch of the old school criminal underworld to your outfit.

low waisted dresses

Low-waisted dresses
Ladies were as pleased as punch when low waisted dresses came into fashion, as the fullness at the hemline finally allowed them to kick up their heels – literally. Fashion and comfort makes for a winner in our eyes.


Newsboy caps
Extra, extra – read all about it! If you’re stuck for something to add that 1920s flair to your noggin, this is the perfect fix.


Any self-respecting twenties dame wouldn’t think about heading for a night on the town without some gloves on her pretty little paws, so why don’t you think of doing the same?

Now your outfit’s sorted, get a wiggle on and purchase your World Movies Secret Cinema tickets HERE.

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