December Film Review Winner

  • December Film Review Winner
  • World Movies admin
  • January 5, 2012

We asked you to write a 200 word review on the WM Crime Week film, Anything For Her and we were thrilled with the response!

We received some great entries, thank you to everyone that entered and the thought that went into your reviews.

The winner of the 12 month FILMINK Magazine subscription and the Icon DVD pack (including 13 Assassins, Rare Exports, Chicas, Afternoons with Margueritte and District 13) is…

‘A new twist on the old tale’ by Uddhav Parab
We follow the lives of Julien (Vincent Lindon) and Lisa Auclert (Diane Kruger), a happily married couple whose entire world comes crashing down when Lisa is wrongly accused of murder. Lisa crumbles under the weight of her 20 year long sentence, becomes chronically depressed and attempts suicide. At odds with his luck, Julien puts a dangerous plan in motion for getting Lisa out of prison.

The events that follow, right from the planning to the actual escape are so remarkably plausible, making the movie even more enjoyable. Vincent Lindon plays Julien as a desperate driven man who only succeeds because he thinks well on his feet. The ever delightful Diane Kruger shows great restraint and turns Lisa into flesh and blood rather than just another stock female character.

This is an impressive debut from Fred CavayĆ©. It’s an impressive thriller that packs a powerful punch with its intelligent plotting all under 90 minutes. The use of wide screen lenses coupled with a drab desaturated pallet only adds to the gloomy milieu. CavayĆ© who co-wrote the script adds an interesting spin on the whole ‘criminals breaking out of prison’ tale by showing an ordinary man plotting his wife’s escape from prison.

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