Checklist for watching WM Cult: Best of the Worst

  • Checklist for watching WM Cult: Best of the Worst
  • World Movies admin
  • August 18, 2015

Tonight at 9.30pm WM Cult: Best of the Worst starts. Here is a checklist we’ve put together for you to follow when watching these films.

1. Invite a friend over

If you can’t find a friend, the following will also suffice: sibling/ wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend, roommate, work colleague, neighbour or order takeaway and don’t let the delivery guy leave.
If all else fails (actually do this even if your friends are over) you should Tweet along with the hashtag #BestOfTheWorst and share your thoughts with your friends in the Twittershpere. You will want to share the joy you’ll get from watching these flicks with someone.


2. Get comfortable

Grab a pillow or reserve you’re favourite seat on the lounge because comfort is a must. Whether it is bad acting, lighting, storylines or dialogue, we guarantee there will be something that will make you cringe. Ensuring you are at least externally comfortable is definitely encouraged.

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3. Have Google on standby

Have your smartphone/ tablet/ laptop ready to search, because there will be multiple times you’ll need to Wiki or IMDB something just to give you piece of mind. Yes, that guy was actually in… Correct, that is the director of that award winning film. We’ll even save you a Google search with this one: Demi Moore actually was 43 years of age in Striptease!

giphy (3)

4. Play a game

There are many games you can play that you should consider when watching these films. At worst it’ll distract you from the bad scenes, but at best it’ll heighten your experience. The Room movie game has a few elements to it including yelling ‚ÄúSpoon!‚Äù and hurling a plastic spoon at the screen every time you see artwork featuring a spoon. There’s the Road House drinking game that involves drinking at various cues including when Dalton smokes, bleeds or folds his arms (you may want to be stocked up on beer for this one). Or make your own game, perhaps throwing popcorn at the screen every time a cheesy line is spoken?


5. Accept it and enjoy

Just like when you were a kid and your mother forced you to eat something that looked and smelt disgusting but tasted delicious, you might end up surprising yourself. Go in with an open mind. These are bad films, that’s something we know, but they are the best of the worst for a reason. For all their flaws they all cannot be faulted on their pure entertainment value.

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