Charlie the World Movies Critic: ‘The ABCs of Death’ Review

  • Charlie the World Movies Critic: ‘The ABCs of Death’ Review
  • World Movies admin
  • January 28, 2014

If you were a fan World Movies’ recent Films That Shocked the World, then The ABCs of Death is going to be your cup of tea. This film is based on series of educational children’s books and first premiered at Toronto Film Festival earlier this year. It’s an anthology horror sequence of 26 short films, each from a different director, that range from the seriously disturbed to the outlandishly comedic. With production spanning 15 countries, each director was given a letter of the alphabet, $5000 and the task of crafting a five-minute short involving death.

From the start, the film takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. The opening credits feature bloodied children’s lettered playing blocks washed around the floor, in a scene very reminiscent of The Shining’s corridor blood sequence. Each short film has its own tone, intrigue and individual vibrancy. The collection of different directorial styles actually aid in allowing the film to move at a great pace, making it an easy watch. To give you an idea of the variety on offer, a few highlights include a masturbating-to-the-death competition, a sexy Nazi stripper style cartoon, a Japanese girl obsessed with her teacher’s flatulence, and the harsh realities of poverty, prostitution and drug use. The variety of not knowing what’s in store (besides the death part) builds a continual tension that is either exacerbated when the story becomes intense, or relieved when the death ‚Äòreveal’ is of more comedic nature. While some shorts were more miss than hit, overall it was a seriously unforgettable watch.

The ABCs of Death is not for the faint hearted.

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