It Boy (2013, France)

Tuesday 1 July - Tuesday 1 July 1403519400

Australian Television Premiere

  • It Boy (2013, France)
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

Beautiful and talented Alice (Virginie Efira) is in her late thirties, with her sights set on the top job at the haute couture fashion magazine, Rebelle. Unfortunately her uptight attitude makes her boss Vincent (Gilles Cohen) doubt she has what it takes. However when she meets the 20-year-old Balthazar (Pierre Niney), a chain of misunderstandings suddenly finds her with a newfound cougar persona that changes her image, and her career chances, for the better.

Can Alice keep up her new man-eating appearance? And what happens when her sham relationship with Balthazar becomes something more serious?

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