Best of the Worst: Random Facts

  • Best of the Worst: Random Facts
  • World Movies admin
  • September 4, 2015

The 5 films in WM Cult: Best of the Worst all command cult film status, mostly due to their on-screen antics, but sometimes it’s the random facts about the movies that push their cult status to higher heights. Here’s an array of random facts from the films, some of which are mind boggling.


* The little girl who plays Demi Moore’s daughter in the movie is actually her real life daughter, Rumer Willis.

* Basketball great, Michael Jordan has a cameo in the movie when he appears as himself as a patron in the strip club as Erin (Demi Moore) meets Lt. Al Garcia (Armand Assante). In the original theatrical release, one of the dancers says ‚ÄúMichael Jordan is at table 8‚Äù, however was then changed to another name. Michael Jordan’s name is uncredited.

* Demi Moore was was paid a record-breaking salary of $12.5 million, making her at the time the highest paid actress ever.

The Room

* The Room had a budget of $6 million. What makes this so remarkable is that The Room is by no means a visual masterpiece. Writer/ Director/ Producer and Star of the movie, Tommy Wiseau has on multiple occasions been tight-lipped about where he sourced the funds for the movie, but has recently let slip that he financed the movie entirely by importing and selling Korean leather jackets.

* Reasons why the budget was so high include: buying 2 sets of camera equipment and using them both simultaneously (35mm film & high-definition video), all rooftop scenes shot outdoors used green screen and a billboard in Hollywood promoting the movie stayed up for over five years!

* The same running up the stairs shot is used several times in the movie because Tommy Wiseau neglected to get an outdoor filming permit required in San Francisco. It’s reported he would film at random houses without the owner’s permissions resulting in several police run ins. He only managed to get a few full shots, hence why the same stair shot is used more than once.

Welcome to Woop Woop

* Welcome to Woop Woop was director Stephen Elliot’s next film after the massively successful The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. There was so much hype around it that it was even screened at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival. It’s safe to say that audiences were left disappointed.

* Welcome to Woop Woop is part of a small club (mainly made up of comic book movies) that consists of having an actor or actress make their first appearance in the movie after their name is listed in the end credits. Shane Paxton as Sonny and Bindi Paxton as Cher appear in a scene post credits.

Road House

* Movie trailers frequently feature scenes that are subsequently cut before a film is released, but Road House has the unofficial record for the most occurrences of deleted scenes. The original trailer had at least five different clips that don’t appear in the finished version.

* All of the actors did their own stunts, in particular the fight scenes. They were all trained by Benny ‚ÄúThe Jet‚Äù Urquidez,a holder of nine black belts in nine different disciplines. Even though in the movie Dalton (Patrick Swayze) famously says ‚ÄúPain don’t hurt‚Äù, the axiom didn’t apply to Swayze when Marshall Teague, who played Jimmy (the bad guy who gets his throat ripped out), hit him with what he thought was a prop log…only to find out that is was actual hard wood.

* Sam Elliot, who played Wade (Dalton’s mentor) confirms the pain the actors felt in an interview saying, ‚ÄúYou hear all that bullsh** about ‘It’s all stunt doubles’ and all that sh**. Well, it isn’t, all the actors, as far as I know, did their own fighting. I f**king got the sh** kicked out of me for the entire film.”

Deep Throat

* Deep Throat is the most successful film of all time in terms of the budget to box office returns ratio. Estimates vary but the budget for production cost $25,000 and as of 2002 it is reported to have grossed just over $600 million.

* Linda Lovelace was paid $1,250 for the film, Harry Reems $250. Most of the $600m profit rests with the Mafia.

* It took a less than a week, in fact 6 days to film Deep Throat.

* Deep Throat has been involved in many court cases and subject to numerous bans around the world. When US Federal agents tried to prosecute it out of existence, its male star, Harry Reems, was convicted, alongside 60 other individuals and companies. Most of those convicted were members of the Mafia who had distributed it. They were all charged for “conspiracy to transport obscene materials interstate”. Lovelace was granted immunity in exchange for her testimony.

WM CULT: BEST OF THE WORST 9.30pm Monday 10 August – Friday 14 August. Followed by a marathon screening of all five films Saturday 15 August.

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