A Distant Neighbourhood (Belgium, 2010)

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  • A Distant Neighbourhood (Belgium, 2010)
  • World Movies admin
  • April 4, 2016

By chance, fifty-year-old Thomas finds himself back in the little town of his childhood. While visiting his mother’s grave he faints, after being overwhelmed by the memories of her and the father that abandoned him. Coming to, he sees that his mother’s name is no longer inscribed on the tombstone. He soon realises he has awoken in the past, in the body of his 14 year-old self.

With all the foresight of his fifty years, Thomas revisits high school, meets with the girl with whom he was secretly in love, and tries to find the real reasons for his father’s departure. But can he relive his past without changing it? This Belgian film is based on the popular Japanese manga Harukana Machie.

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