A Betting Guide to the Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award

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  • A Betting Guide to the Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award
  • World Movies admin
  • February 25, 2013

All eyes will be on Hollywood today as the 85th Academy Awards take place, bringing the 2013 award season to a triumphant end. After months of speculation about who will win, with critics wildly speculating and watching each award show with fervour, all will be unveiled tonight as the world’s biggest stars and filmmakers descend on the Dolby Theatre.

But the buzz in the World Movies office is all focussed on the Best Foreign Language Film award, and there’s no consensus on how it will go. So we turned to the people that know a lot more about the odds than us – the TAB – and have assembled your guide to this year’s biggest international film award.


Amour – 1/25


Michael Haneke’s film is the hot contender to take out this award, as it’s also been nominated for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actress for Emmanuelle Riva’s incredible performance. For its poignant portrayal of an elderly man who must look after his beloved wife after she has a severe stroke, Amour is sure to win the votes of a lot of Academy members.


A Royal Affair – 25/1


This beautiful period piece is a World Movies favourite for its stunning costumes and moving storyline. Starring Mads Mikkelsen, A Royal Affair tells the 18th Century story of the mentally ill King Christian VII, and the affair between the Queen and the royal physician. The Academy loves a period drama, and this has good odds of taking out the award.


Kon-Tiki – 33/1


Norway’s highest grossing film in 2012 and their most expensive film ever made, Kon-Tiki is the high seas adventure about an explorer who travels from South America to Polynesia on a ramshackle raft. Action may not be the Academy’s favoured genre, but the Weinstein’s have thrown their weight behind the film meaning a ferocious campaign in the lead up to tonight’s award.


No – 66/1


Gael Garcia Bernal stars in this globally acclaimed film about the 1988 advertising campaign to remove General Pinochet’s military dictatorship from power. A true story often equates to an Oscar favourite, particularly in this category, but it would be a big surprise if No was called up to the stage tonight.


War Witch – 66/1


Rachel Mwanza picked up Best Actress at Berlin for her astonishing performance as a 14 year old girl recounting her experiences as a child soldier in the Congo, but the odds aren’t great for this heart-breaking film. Don’t put your money on this one.

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