4 reasons why we love Summer of Sin

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  • 4 reasons why we love Summer of Sin
  • World Movies admin
  • May 30, 2016

A month of indulgence

Let’s be honest, things that are often considered excessive or ‚naughty’ (chocolate, alcohol, provocative films) can also be excessively fun. You could watch‚ another-reality-show’ this January, or join the month-long party on World Movies. We know what we’d choose! Every night in January, you can treat yourself to the best, scandalous cinema from around the globe. Plus think of it this way: there are 11 more months of the year to be on your angelic best behaviour.

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World Movies is the only place you can see the best, steamy R18+ international cinema on Australian television – and the titles in this year’s Summer of Sin are some of the hottest yet. After a leisurely day soaking up the sun or a hard day in the office, you can turn up the heat after dark with titles such as Welcome to New York and Don Jon, *Cue Lionel Richie* all night loooonnngg…


The hottest season of the year

Let’s spell it out together S.U.M.M.E.R – doesn’t that excite you? In our sun-kissed country, summer is arguably the best time of year. Beaches, blue skies, bevvies, buddies, BBQ’s… we could continue this alliterated list but you get the gist. World Movies Summer of Sin is here to help you improve on perfection. Share the love with your friends and add the following Summer of Sin social activities to your summer itinerary:

– Invite your cinema-loving friends over to watch an Australian television premiere such as Young & Beautiful, Love or The Duke of Burgundy

– Get creative with dinner and a movie that come from the same country. E.g. Italy: Canterbury Tales and pasta.



The famous factor

On any given night this January you could be spending quality time with your favourite actors and directors. Watch America’s sweetheart, Meg Ryan, in her most controversial role as she romances Mark Ruffalo in In The Cut, indulge in Gasper Noe’s latest scandalous masterpiece Love or hold your breath during Gerard Depardieu’s fearless performance in Welcome to New York. Other famous names include Francois Ozon, Scarlett Johansson, Jacqueline Bisset, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Charlotte Rampling, Larry Clark, Julianne Moore, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Catherine Breillat.

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World Movies Summer of Sin, every night in January 8.30pm. See the full guide here

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