10 weird, wonderful and whacky facts about James Franco

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  • 10 weird, wonderful and whacky facts about James Franco
  • World Movies admin
  • July 7, 2015

Onscreen he’s a weed smoking, WW1 pilot, friend of the apes, gay rights activist who got himself trapped in a canyon for 127 hours. Off-screen he’s an artsy loner, self-confessed nerd and serial social media user. However to fully describe the man his family call ‚ÄòTeddy’, you’d need to dig a whole lot further.

A quick Google search at time of writing of the terms ‚ÄòJames Franco Facts’ yields over 7,430,000 results. There are countless articles that attempt to shed light on such a mysterious character. If one thing is unanimous about James Franco, it is that you can expect the unexpected from him.

To celebrate WM Focus On: James Franco kicking off tonight 8.30pm with Child of God, we’re finishing off the sentence that begins ‚ÄòJames Franco…’ with 10 very interesting facts about this truly unique actor/writer.

1. James Franco is a pilot. He completed his Private Pilot’s License in order to prepare for a role in 2006’s Flyboys.
2. James Franco’s middle name is Edward, hence why his family call him Ted or Teddy!
3. James Franco smoked 2 packs of cigarettes every day for his role in the TV biopic James Dean. He received a Golden Globe for his performance.
4. James Franco is a painter. You may have seen some of his work in the 2013 comedy, This Is the End.
5. James Franco has an undergraduate degree from UCLA, a master’s degree from Columbia University, has taken grad courses from from NYU and is currently a Ph.D student at Yale.
6. James Franco was voted ‚ÄòBest Smile’ in 1996 in his senior year at Palo Alto High School.
7. Despite being a couple on the cult TV show Freaks and Geeks, James Franco and Busy Phillips reportedly disliked each other in real life. James once unexpectedly pushed Busy to the ground whilst he was “method” acting, resulting her running to her trailer in tears.
8. James Franco and his friends used to steal fragrances from department stores and resell them at school. Ironically in 2008 he was named the face of Gucci cologne.
9. James Franco has starred in a few cult ‚Äòstoner’ films – however he does not smoke weed.
10. James Franco’s first film appearance was in Never Been Kissed.

WM Focus On: James Franco starts tonight Tuesday 16 June 8.30pm, continuing through until Thursday 18 June. You can find more info on the films featured here.

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