10 fun facts (part 1)

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  • 10 fun facts (part 1)
  • World Movies admin
  • April 8, 2016

Below are 10 fun facts; 1 from each of the first 10 movies showcased in World Movies Celebrates: 20 Years.


Audrey Tautou doesn’t know how to skip stones; the stone-skipping scenes were made with special effects.


Downfall is most well known in internet meme circles where the scene (where Hitler yells at his subordinates) is re-subtitled to instil it with unintended comedic meaning. Director Oliver Hirschbiegel claims to have seen over a hundred of such parodies, and enjoyed them very much.

All About My Mother

All About My Mother received more awards and honours than any other film in the Spanish motion picture industry. Its recognition includes an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, Best Director Award and the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury Award at Cannes, the French Cesar for Best Foreign Film, multiple Goya Award’s and a twelfth Annual European Film Award.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

“Crouching tiger, hidden dragon” is a Chinese idiom. It refers to concealing strengths or talents and not to underestimate anyone.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

All music for this film and its 2 sequels was recorded in just 4 days. According to composer Jacob Groth, the note sheets for the orchestra weighed 33 kilos.

Pan’s Labyrinth

Received 22 minutes of applause at the Cannes Film Festival.

Life is Beautiful

Roberto Benigni says the title comes from a quote by Leon Trotsky. In exile in Mexico, knowing he was about to be killed by Joseph Stalin’s assassins, he saw his wife in the garden and wrote that, in spite of everything, “life is beautiful”.

The Skin I Live In

When Vera comes to the clothes shop in a taxi, the taxi is very clearly a Ford C-Max. However, in the next shot, when the reflection of the car is visible in the window pane as it drives away, it’s a Volkswagen Jetta.

Battle Royale

The movie is banned in South Korea TV due to graphic violence scenes.

Swimming Pool

Ludivine Sagnier appears topless in more than half of her scenes in the film.


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