¬°Hola Mexico!

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  • ¬°Hola Mexico!
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  • October 20, 2011

If you’ve visited Mexico you’ll know it as a land of thrilling contrasts – from the fast-paced bustle of its cities, to the breath-taking beauty of its coastline, and the vibrant (or violent) subcultures that exist throughout the country. It’s a place where something incredible happens every day, and with a population of over 100million people there are plenty of stories to tell.

If you haven’t visited Mexico, then this is your chance to experience it through the big screen. Hola Mexico, the Mexican Film Festival that travels throughout the US, Australia and NZ, opens around the country from this Friday through to December. It’s a chance to become acquainted with the vivacious culture and passionate people, through a selection of the very best contemporary Mexican cinema.

We’re thrilled to choose our highlights from this year’s program, and we’d love to hear what you’re looking forward to on our Facebook page.

Opening Night Fiesta featuring Acorazado
In true Mexican style the festival kicks off with a party to remember Рwith Sol beer, Mexican food and live music Рas well as a screening of Hola Mexico highlight “Acorazado”. The hilarious tale follows a man who turns his taxi into a raft in search of Florida Рbut ends up in Cuba.

Painting a bleak yet hilarious picture of Mexico today, ‚ÄúHell‚Äù tells the story of a man deported from the US who must face family and friends back in Mexico. Once there he finds work with a mafia-style gang and soon enjoys the kind of success he’s always wished for, in a world of drugs, women and violence.

The Cinema Hold Up
Four teenagers with too much time on their hands make a cunning plan to rob their local cinema. Each with their own troubling reasons to go ahead with the heist, events quickly spiral out of control and they discover that there is no going back.

Without Her
This poignant drama shows how family members can guide and inspre the lives of others, even when absent. The film follows a TV producer who must learn how to be a good father after a tragic accident. It features breakthrough performances and a stunning soundtrack.

A Wonderful World
When a homeless man stumbles into an office seeking shelter, he is quickly snapped up by politicians keen to showcase their supposed eradication of poverty. This modern “fairy tale” is a hilarious and moving portrayal of the political and socioeconomic realities of Mexico today.

Head to the Hola Mexico website for the full program, with many more films to explore. You can catch Film INK’s interview with the organisers here, and check below for when the film fiesta is opening in your capital city:

Melbourne 21st – 30th October
Sydney 4th – 13th November
Adelaide 18th – 24th November
Perth 24th – 30th November
Brisbane 1st – 4th December

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